Spotlight China is a flagship video column produced by China SCIO. Focusing on the must-see places and major events around the country, it invites senior officials and prominent scholars to shed light on the issues impacting contemporary China.

China expands FTZs for further reform, opening up


Chinese cities light up nighttime economy

A number of Chinese cities recently enacted policies to promote evening activities and offer people a more diverse nightlife, with the aim of boosting consumer spending at night.

5G is here!

Follow our reporter's footsteps to explore the latest superfast technology and see how it will transform the industry as well as people's lives. ?
Around China

From trash to treasure: China steps up garbage sorting rules

On July 1, Shanghai introduced ambitious waste recycling rules, which have raised public awareness about garbage classification and recycling. Following Shanghai's lead, many cities across China will soon introduce similar rules. Let's see how this is working in China and how people are responding to it.

Making every drop count: Cherishing diverted water in China

At the 32nd China Water Week, the country reminded everyone to conserve water and add to its decade-long efforts to alleviate shortages through its South-to-North Water Diversion Project.
2019 NPC & CPPCC

Spotlight China: Drafting 2019 at lianghui

China SCIO sums up the most important goals China is setting for 2019 in its newly released government work report, with comparisons to marks set in 2018.
Around China


People in China are increasingly drawn to winter sports as the country is set to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics. Tag along to check out the chills and thrills in Beijing's iconic Olympic venues.
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